We offer all our customers a wide range of services here at O’Malley Properties. These include:

• Property sales (residential, commercial & farms)

• Advice and consultancy for land and property acquisitions.

• Commercial rent reviews.

• Condition Surveys.

• Homebuyers Reports.

• Miscellaneous and Probate Valuations.

• Negotiations - for Compulsory Purchase and Compensation.

• Rating and taxation Consultancy.

• Auctions.


Here at O'Malley Properties we provide hassle free valuations for vendors who may consider auctioning property. An Auction Appraisal will detail the current market demand and likely auction selling price for which a property may be sold for. Our clients can then decide whether or not they wish to enter their property into auction. 

 Valuations can be made for properties including:

• Residential Properties

• Commericla Properties

• Farm Land 

• Rentals

• Sites


New To Market

New Property added to Market

Westport, Co Mayo


New Property added to Market

Westport, Co Mayo


New Property added to Market

Cashel, Ayle
Westport, Co Mayo